Best Dental Loupes Reviews 2020

If you are a dentist or work in the dental area like an orthodontist, dental Loupes are a must for you. The dentists will know the worst struggle of slouching to check on each and every patient. This is because they can get a much clearer vision on their teeth and inside areas when they slouch. This will In turn result in severe and chronic back aches and the way you will stand will take a bad hit. In order to avoid this problem, dental Loupes were made. Now, what are these dental Loupes? 

It is just a glass with a powerless lens and in front of the lens, two magnifying devices are fixed. So, we can say that they are basically magnifying glasses with a frame and a comfortable touch. Dentists will know its worth as it is very helpful to them . Usually, it is difficult to get a clear image of someone’s mouth. But, these dental Loupes makes it very easy. This will magnify each and every aspect of the mouth and will give a better and clearer image. The change in the shape, structure of the teeth and many more can be observed properly by this. This will be very useful when you are operating on someone’s teeth or Jaws. Now, you would be worried about which dental loupe to buy. Do not break a sweat as this article gives you everything you need about the top selling and best dental Loupes. 

Best Dental Loupes

1. OUBO Brand 3W Surgical Dental Loupes:

The OUBO Surgical Dental Loupes is one of the prominent Loupes and has a very high demand in the market. It comes in a pure black colour which gives it an appealing appearance. The OUBO dental loupes comes with an LED bulb with the power of 3 Watts. This will give you enough light to examine the patient’s mouth clearly. The intensity of this dental loupe is 15000 to 30000 lux. This means that you can view the magnified image properly and notice any minor damages or changes. The company gives you a very durable lifetime of the bulb which is approximately about 100000 hours. This can last you for a couple of years. You can run this loupe for a maximum duration of 5 hours continuously, so this will be useful when you are operating. Then, you have to charge it back. The voltage specs of this loupe is 100 to 240 Volts. This is common in every household. The amount of brightness can also be adjusted in the OUBO dental loupe. This loupe actually comes in four different colours red, blue, yellow and green. You can choose which fits you the most. The lens of this loupe is filtered. This is done in order to reduce the blue light when you magnify as it hurts your eyes. The magnification feature is that you can zoom into the mouth with about 3.5 times the normal view. The working distance is approximately 280 to 380mm.

2. Ocean-Aquarius ZGOOD Blue Surgical Binocular Loupes:

The Ocean Aquarius blue Dental Loupe is one of the best and highly recommended for all the dentists and orthodontics. This has the ultimate features and specifications. The Loupe comes with a portable and lightweight LED headlight. This has an intensity of 15000 to 30000 lux. This will be very bright and you can notice even all the minor damages in the teeth. This LED headlight has a continuous run time of up to 5 hours without charging. This will be helpful while performing big operations. This means that the battery is strong and durable. You have to charge it after you use it. The bulb is very durable as it has a lifetime of over 10000 hours. So, you won’t need to keep replacing it. The loupe has a voltage rating of 110V/240V which is compatible in almost all the households. The magnification power of this dental loupe is 3.5X. So, with it, you can see everything clearly and properly. The working range or distance of this loupe is around 450 mm, so you can be comfortable with it. This is very easy to read and handle and is highly recommended for dentists who just began their career. 

3. Aries Outlets 5W Portable LED Dental Loupe:

The Aries Dental Loupe is remarkable and very well known among dentists. The Aries dental loupe has a powerful LED bulb with a power of 5 Watts. The battery in this loupe is made from lithium ion which is rechargeable. The intensity of this LED bulb is around 15000 to 30000. This gives you a bright and concentrated light. This bulb has a very long lifetime of 100000 hours. This will surely last for a couple of years. So you won’t need to replace it frequently. This Dental Loupe is applicable and suggested for all kinds of surgical operations in the field of dental, ophthalmology and many others. The brightness can be adjusted according to your comfort. The lens of this loupe comes with a filter in order to eliminate all the harmful blue light and lets you view properly and clearly. The magnification power is very strong as it has a magnification power of about 3.5X. This will let you zoom into the patient’s mouth and see any minor defects clearly. This is the most popular loupe among dentists and even students who are studying to become dentists. 

4. ZGood Surgical Dental Loupe:

The ZGood Surgical Dental Loupe is one of the best dental loupe and really suited for dentists and students studying dental. The loupe has an LED bulb which has an intensity of around 15000 to 30000 lux. This will give you a perfect and brighter image. The battery life of the LED bulb is very long and is very durable. It can run for up to 100000 hours. You won’t need to change it frequently then. The magnification  power of this Dental Loupe is 3.5X. With this, you can clearly see the problems in the patient’s mouth and teeth. The loupe is very comfortable as it has a comfortable headband and also has adjustable angular viewing. The Dental Loupe has a working distance of approximately 430 mm. This distance is very comfortable with the dentists. 

5. Purple – Violet Surgical Dental Loupe:

The Purple- Violet Surgical Dental Loupe comes with a strong and powerful LED bulb which has a power rate of 3 Watts. This gives you a maximum intensity of around 15000 to 30000 lux. With this, you can see each and every corner of the patient’s mouth properly. The runtime of this LED bulb is around five hours continuously without charging. After this, you have to charge it. This has a strong lithium ion battery. The frame of this dental loupe is comfortable and sits properly. It also has a flexible headband for your comfort. The loupe gives you a large field of view and does not cover the view. You can even adjust the angular viewing angle according to your needs. The Purple-Violet dental loupe is recommended for students who are studying dental as the options are not that complex. 

6. Aires Outlet Surgical Dental Loupe:

The Aires outlet surgical dental loupe comes with a portable LED headlight. This headlight has an intensity of around 15000 to 30000 lux. The power rating of this light is 3 Watts. The runtime of this bulb is approximately five hours continuously and that too, without charging. This LED bulb is very durable as it has a long lifetime of around 100000 hours. Amazing, right? After the charge is exhausted, you can charge it lighting fast by the lithium ion battery. The magnification power of this is 3.5X. With this, you can zoom in and view any defects and problems in the patient’s teeth . 

This dental loupe is very small and lightweight and hence, it can be portable too. 

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