Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope Reviews

Medics seeking a high-quality stethoscope that meets the exacting standards of the medical profession will find the Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope a worthwhile investment. Renowned for its acoustic excellence, the Cardiology III stethoscope has two patented diaphragms capable of hearing both low and high frequency sounds far beyond other stethoscope models.

Suitable for cardiologists and pediatricians, it is also popular among nurses, veterinarians, and other medics. When surveyed, most medical proffessionals gave it a 5 star rating. It it  one of the most highly regarded and advanced stethoscopes in its class.

The Cardiology III has innovative design features as is expected from the well-known 3M company, such as the patented tunable diaphragm and the dual tubing. Weighing a light 175 grams, it is available in two sizes- a short 22 inches for close-up examinations and a longer 27 inches when you need extra length. If you’re tired of the standard black color found on many stethoscopes , you will enjoy choosing your favorite look  from the 11 unique colors available such as Caribbean Blue, Hunter Green and Plum. It is made of durable and solid stainless steel and comes with a 5  year warranty.

Is the Littmann Cardiology III right for you?

Here are the Pros of this stethoscope:

    • The “two-tubes-in-one” design of the Littmann Cardiology III delivers exceptional acoustic excellence (rated 9/10), eliminating the noise created by tubes rubbing against each other. This feature is not found on lower models.
    • The Littmann Cardilogy III is user friendly  because it allows you to hear both high and low frequencies without needing to turn over the chest piece. You simply need to apply more or less pressure on the chest piece to pick up high or low frequencies.
    • The two-in-one chest piece feature makes the Cardiology III a versatile stethoscope that you can use on both adults and children, including thin or heavily bandaged patients. In addition, the smaller chest piece can be converted into a traditional bell with a simple adjustment.
  • The Cardiology III is patient friendly due to its non-chill, rubber sleeves and rims . This means  your patient will no longer have to suffer the discomfort associated with cold, metallic stethoscopes.

What are Medics saying about the Littmann Cardiology III?

I’ve been using it for 6 years

I’ve had my green Littmann Cardiology III since med school, all through residency  and am still using it at my current job in private practice. It’s definitely not cheap, but you can hear a lot of murmurs, rubs, gallops and clicks that you can’t hear with other brands. You are also able to hear wheezing better with this model than with others. If you take good care of it, it will take care of you! Durability is excellent. I’ve used mine on hundreds of patients already, and I can still hear every murmur as clearly as the day I took it out of the box 6 years ago! When you see a bunch of med students and residents walking all over the hospital with the Cards-III around their neck, it’s not just a fad! They can hear the difference, too!


Excellent quality and durability

I just got my second Cardiology III stethoscope. My first one lasted 11 years of constant use, and this was use in a veterinary clinic where puppies will chew on the tubes and ear tips. Admittedly, I have not been gentle with this stethoscope so I am very happy with how durable this stethoscope has been- it has been in use 8 hours a day, 6 days a week for 11 years. What really makes this stethoscope standout is the sensitivity of the acoustics. I can accurately differentiate the heart sounds from the background noise of a purring cat or heavily breathing dog. I have no trouble ausculting grade 1/6 murmurs in very small patients. I fully expect to get another 11 years out of this stethoscope and I hope they are still making them in 2022.

C. Ford

Best stethoscope ever!!!
This stethoscope is 100% better than the other stethoscope I used for 5 years! I can hear heart tones and lung sounds like a pro even in a loud, crowded ICU room. Suddenly, it has become easy to detect heart murmurs, fine crackles, and all those things that I had to strain and use my imagination to hear before I got this scope. I would recommend this product to anyone who can possibly afford this stethoscope. It is worth the extra money.


Here are the reported cons:

    • Some users felt this stethoscope was more expensive than other models and brands, but agreed that the excellent sound quality and durability was far superior to cheaper units.
  • As is common with all stethoscopes after many years of continual use, the Cardiology III tubing does get a little stiff and may crack. A vinyl protector is recommended to help reduce this problem.
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