Littmann Classic II SE Review

Usually high quality stethoscopes come with an equally high price tag. That is why the Littmann Classic II SE is considered a great value for anyone looking for a stethoscope for general use.

Whether you’re doing blood pressure work or routine physical examinations, the Littmann Classic II SE delivers consistent high acoustic sensitivity that you can depend on. Almost every Littmann Classic II SE review submitted by doctors and nurses overwhelmingly recommended this model for medics looking for a comfortable, reliable, and durable stethoscope.

The Classic II SE is a lightweight stethoscope weighing in at just over 4 oz. and features a two-sided chest piece. One side is a traditional bell whilst the other works as a tunable diaphragm. It is 28 inches long which gives you plenty of leeway as you examine patients. It is also available in a range of delightful colors to suit your personal taste.

Is this the right stethoscope model for you?

Here’s a list of its Pros:

    • The greatest benefit of the Littmann Classic II SE is its acoustical sensitivity making it easy for you to hear sounds clearly. The soft seal ear tips also help block out surrounding noise, which is especially helpful in noisy situations.
    • It provides a convenient way to measure low and high frequency sounds by just adjusting pressure on the tunable diaphragm. This eliminates the need to keep turning the chest piece, saving you time.
    • The difficulties of using a stethoscope around body contours and blood pressure cuffs have been reduced with this stethoscope. It’s chest piece has been specifically designed to make it easier to perform physical exams in these areas.
  • It is manufactured and serviced by the well-respected 3M company and comes with a 2 year warranty, ensuring that you get good value for your money.

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What are Medical Professionals saying about it?

Just Right
3M’s Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope is easy to use, isn’t bulky, and is lightweight. The tunable diaphragm provides some convenience due to not having to turn over the piece, but instead alter the pressure exerted. This stethoscope provides me with all of those relevant and critical sounds that nurses need to hear in order to effectively carry out their assessment duties, and all other facets of nursing. I recommend a stethoscope that’s lightweight, not bulky, and has a strong signal. This stethoscope fits the bill.


Littmann Classic II- Excellent Stethoscope!
The Classic II SE stethoscope has excellent sound quality without picking up too many surrounding sounds. This is an excellent stethoscope for EMT’s, who need it while in an ambulance as it picks up sound so well, but it doesn’t pick up on sounds from the vehicle, other sounds from traveling down the road, or any other surrounding sounds. This is an essential tool when you are in the back of a rescue squad. It is also a great tool if you are a nurse or other medical professional who performs patient assessments. I highly recommend this stethoscope and the price here on Amazon is excellent as well.

F. Lehman

Great Stethoscope!
I bought this stethoscope for my EMT-B class. We were provided with stethoscopes, but they were terrible quality so I decided to purchase this one after reading the reviews. I can hear great with this stethoscope, even with a bunch of people talking loudly. It is very durable and the price is great too. I’m also a 3rd year pre-physician assistant student, so I plan on using the stethoscope for at least another three years. Overall, very pleased with my purchase and would recommend the Littmann Classic SE to any medical or nursing student.

A. Williams

Here are a list of the cons:

    • The Littmann Classic II SE is more expensive than other similar stethoscopes, but a majority of buyers agreed that cheaper brands are more expensive in the long run because you have to spend more money to replace them.
  • The tubing may get a little stiff after many years of using the Littmann, but this is normal with all stethoscopes.
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