Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope Review

The Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope represents the top of the line in Littmann’s cardiology line and is regarded as the ultimate acoustical stethoscope.

It is highly recommended for cardiologists and other medical professionals ranging from critical care nurses and emergency physicians to  pediatricians and neurologists.

With a perfect 10 out of 10 performance rating and 5 star rating from satisfied buyers, it lives up to its reputation as a masterpiece. Its top-notch features include excellent acoustics, durable design, and modern tunable technology.

It has a single sided chest piece and a two- tubes in- one headset, and can be bought in either of two lengths – 22 or 27 inches. It weighs just under 6oz and has a special procedures adaptor, a non-chill rim and soft ear tips. In addition, it is available in  7 colors for a personal touch.

Is this the right stethoscope for you?

Here’s a list of its benefits:

    • It is equipped with a single-sided chest piece that allows medics to quickly and easily hear low and high frequencies without having to turn the chest piece over. This tunable technology allows you to adjust light and strong pressure on the chest piece to hear the frequencies.
    • The sound quality of  the stethoscope is highly defined due to the two-in-one tubing design that improves sound quality and minimizes  unnecessary noises. In addition, the soft-seal ear tips fit snugly to provide a good acoustic seal.
    • Difficult neonatal and pediatric auscultation examinations are easily handled using the special procedures adaptor that comes included.
  • It is built to last from stainless steel that is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and impact. Plus it comes with a 7 year warranty, the longest warranty on any Littmann stethoscope.

What are Medics saying about this Stethoscope ?

You just can’t beat a Littmann for quality sound & the Cardiology is even better!

I don’t know how anyone can truly hear breath sounds or heart tones at an adequate level with the cheaper stethoscopes out there. I’ve tried those of my friends and there is a significant difference in the volume, quality and tone of what you can hear compared with the Master Cardiology. I can honestly say I do hear heart tones significantly better with this than with my other adult stethoscopes. It’s worth the investment!
K. Salinger “MBA, RN, RRT”
Great Product for a Great Price
Anyone who is a health care provider is aware of the quality of Littmann’s stethoscopes, especially the Littmann Master Cardiology. Auscultating pulmonary and cardiac sounds are a breeze with this tool. I love not having to turn the head of my stethoscope over to the bell side to listen for murmurs.
Rose M.
Littmann Master Cardiology is simply the best
I work as a floor RN and while I was a student and a newly minted RN I used various stethoscopes. I never knew just how useful a really good stethoscope was until I bought my first Master Cardiology. I was simply blown away at the clarity of the breath and heart sounds. I will NEVER buy anything else. One of the interesting things was in my first week using my new master cardiology stethoscope I was assessing a pre-op patient and discovered a previously undiagnosed heart murmur. I just love it and as they say, once you’ve tried the best, it’s very hard to go back.
Georoid T. O’Hagan

Here are the reported disadvantages:

  • The one thing that could be considered a disadvantage  of the Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope is the price of the stethoscope. It is on the high end of price scale , but considering it’s top of the line features, it is a worthwhile investment that will serve any medic for many years to come.
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