Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope Review

Nursing professionals looking for a top-notch diagnostic tool will find the Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope a great choice for physical assessments.

Amongst the wide range of Littmann stethoscopes, the Master Classic II is ideally suited for certified nursing assistants, EMTs, entry level nurse, licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants, nursing students, and registered nurses.

Medical professionals have given it mostly  5 stars in their reviews, praising it for how easy it was to use, its comfortable fit, and excellent acoustics.

This ergonomically designed  stethoscope weighs in at just over 5 oz and is 27 inch long which gives you extra length during patient exams.

It features a tunable diaphragm that allows you to listen to both low and high frequencies. Its headset comes equipped with soft sealing ear tips.  You can also choose your favorite color  out of the 13 possible color choices available.

Is this the right stethoscope for your needs?

Here is a list of its Pros:

    • Due to its “tunable technology”, you can conveniently hear both high and low frequency sounds as you examine patients, by easily applying light or firm pressure to the chest piece. With other stethoscopes you would need to turn the chest piece to perform this procedure.
    • The headset on the Master Classic II is designed for high-performance sound transmission and can be flexed as many times as needed during examinations. It is durable enough to be flexed up to one million times which allows it to provide long-lasting service.
    • The snap-tight soft sealing eartips provide both a comfortable fit and an acoustic seal blocking out environmental sounds that may negatively influence diagnosis. This is especially helpful in noisy situations.
  • It comes with a non-chill rim that assures your patients of a pleasant examination experience.

Take a Look At this Video Highlighting its Features

What are Master Classic II owners saying about it?

Great value

Had to replace my  Littmann Master Classic  II stethoscope after someone decided they needed it more than I did ! Decided to go with the Classic based on the great reviews and I’m glad I did. It is great for nursing assessments! Clarity is fantastic and it’s also light enough to stay on your neck for a 12 hour shift and not strangle you. Highly recommend this stethoscope.


Got it for the wife who is a nurse. She loves it.

My wife is a nursing student and has been through 3 different stethoscopes during her program. The first one was issued to her by her school but the sound quality sucked. The next one she bought and was an improvement but it eventually walked off on it’s own. She used a Master Classic II from one of the other girls in her class and was startled at the sound quality. I ordered this one for valentine’s day and she fell in love with it. She said many of the doctors they see have the same stethoscope so it must be worth it.

James Merddyn

A great set of ears!

As an EMT, there is an added challenge when it comes to scopes. Sound quality of scopes is definitely important, but even more so when you are working in a loud environment. This is by far the best scope I have used for this purpose.The amplification is extremely good, single tube design eliminates the “static” of the tubes rubbing together, and the ear pieces do a great job of blocking out ambient noise. The scope feels very well constructed, and bell has a good weight to it, which makes it easier to handle. Not to mention, that the black on black design just looks slick.

Cynical EMT

Here are the Cons:

  • The Littmann Master Classic II  is a pricier stethoscope than  some of the low-end models, but reviewers all agreed its high level of quality and outstanding performance make it an excellent value for the money.
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