Oral-B vs Sonicare: Pros & Cons

Have you ever dreamt of eating sweets all day without having to fear due to cavities? Or have you ever wondered what it feels like to smile and show off your perfectly white teeth to everyone without feeling insecure? I’m sure you have had at least one of these thoughts, and this is why we all try to take good care of our teeth. 

However, dental hygiene is a much more serious issue than it looks. No matter in what situation you are, you must always be presentable enough. And in order to look presentable enough to yourself and to others, your teeth must look flawless! Although flawless here doesn’t refer to the structure or the shape and size of the teeth, but the cleanliness of the teeth! 

To maintain a healthy and fresh dental lifestyle, one must always brush their teeth at least twice a day. Any more than that will affect your teeth due to the presence of excess chemicals in the toothpastes and any less than that will leave you open to the risk of acquiring dental problems.

Toothbrush is a major component when it comes to taking care of teeth. Among this, the best type of toothbrush that gives maximum cleaning efficiency is the electric toothbrush. While it is true that electric toothbrushes are rather costly, they also assure the best of cleaning action possible. And when we say electric toothbrushes, it is very obvious that the first two names that come into our heads are Oral-B and Sonicare. The questions remain which one to choose? Which one of them is better? 

While both the brands can easily be categorized at the top of the toothbrush brands, choosing one of them is hard. Oral-B and Sonicare are both unique in their own functionality and other features. Some prefer the former and some, the latter. 

Here, we will compare the two brands and give you the most detailed reviews of each product so you can go ahead and make the choice that you think is right for your teeth. 

Sonicare vs Oral-B: is one better than the other?

Cleaning Action:

Starting with one of the most important factors when it comes to judging a toothbrush — the cleaning action. We will now compare and see how different or similar the cleaning actions of both the brands are! 

Oral-B: This brand uses rotary technology. Basically, the toothbrush here oscillates or spins right and left, thereafter which it moves up and down in a pumping like action. This way it avoids plaque and such in the teeth. Every tooth is carefully cleaned with this motion. It is also easy to move this toothbrush inside the mouth due to its motion. It is also a good choice as it can easily remove food crumbs from between the teeth spaces where an ordinary manual toothbrush would have failed to do so. This motion also enables non contact brushing which is also often called cavitation. In this, the toothbrush uses high frequency pulsations to remove plaque from beyond the tip of the bristles. As recommended by most dentists and reviewers, this motion is a better choice when it comes to cleaning. The tooth brushes of Oral-B also offer various modes for making cleaning easier and comfortable. 

Sonicare: The Sonicare brand toothbrushes use a sonic movement in which they move from side to side like how a manual brush would. It usually vibrates from side to side to clean multiple teeth at once. It also uses non contact brushing as mentioned earlier. The non contact brushing here is based on the sonic movements and vibrations. With these, they reach the plaques present beyond the bristle tips and remove them. This movement offers less movements inside the mouth due to its motion but as stated earlier, can clean multiple teeth at once. 

Overall, there is not that big of a difference between them when it comes to the results of both their cleaning actions. They both tend to do a great job and give excellent results. One can choose either brand based on their comfort levels. If you’d prefer something much similar to a manual brush, it would be wise to proceed with the Sonicare brand. However, if you want something different, Oral-B is the one. Oral-B toothbrushes are initially a little hard to get used to due to the unfamiliar motion, but once you get comfortable with it, you’re all set!


Design of a toothbrush is a category that completely depends on the user of the toothbrush. There is not a correct answer for this choice for it is something that will vary for everyone. We will describe their designs to accuracy as best as we can so you can make the right choice. 

Oral-B: As said earlier, this brand uses rotary motion for cleaning action. In order to make that action as efficient and successful as possible, it’s designed in a circular way. The head of the toothbrush is round in shape and the bristles are placed likewise as well. However, the designs for every model do vary a bit. The rest of the body designs for Oral-B brushes are rather fancy. 

Sonicare: This brand has a rather oval bristle head. It’s design is also made such that the efficiency of cleaning is as high as possible when combined with its cleaning motion. The body of the toothbrush is rather easy on the eye and has a very classy feel to it. Again, the overall designs may vary from model to model but the basic idea of the toothbrush to maintain effective cleaning stays the same.

When it comes down to having to choose between the two, the reasons totally narrows down to the preferences one has. If you’d prefer something that’s more on the natural and normal toothbrush-ey side, Sonicare is the one for you. But if you’d like to be more daring and go for something that’s rather fancy and over the top for a toothbrush, then Oral-B is the perfect choice for you! Of course, both of their designs are designed to provide their best service to you. It all comes down to their cleaning power in the end, doesn’t it?

Battery Life:

Since we’re talking about electric brushes here, it is a very obvious fact to consider their battery lives while choosing. Battery life is a factor that must be considered with much caution if you’re a traveller. We will here list the amount of days or weeks each brand can usually last up to. 

Oral-B: Mostly all Oral-B brand toothbrushes tend to last for up to 2 weeks. There may or may not be minor variations depending on the cost and the model of the toothbrush. Oral-B model brushes usually charge on a 110 V power source. 

Sonicare: Usually Sonicare brand toothbrushes last up to 3 weeks. Some models last up to 2 weeks as well. These brushes can use either a 110 V power source or 220 V power source.  

This factor may not seem worth paying attention to you if you’re using this at home. However, in cases where you travel outdoors, this is something you must definitely pay attention to! Although most models of both brands come with battery indicators to let you know when you need to charge it, Sonicare is a brand to be preferred if you travel regularly. However, if you have a good memory and would easily remember to charge it without delaying, either brand is good! 

Tongue Cleaning feature: 

Keeping your tongue clean is just as important as it is to keep your teeth clean. To avoid various infections and plaque, it is recommended to clean your tongue everyday. Now, let’s see which of the brands offers a better tongue cleaning action. 

Oral-B: As we have already said earlier, Oral-B offers various cleaning modes. Having said that, this is one of the features that the Oral-B electric toothbrushes offer. They use cleaning action similar to that of the teeth to clean the tongue as well. 

Sonicare: Sonicare offers tongue cleaning mode in some of their models. They also include something called the tongue spray to give you the best results when it comes to keeping your tongue healthy. 

The cleaning action is a factor that is not very important to consider for tongue cleaning since both the cleaning actions work just as good. Here, this feature is an extra option to consider when choosing an electric toothbrush. You’re good to go as long as the toothbrush offers this mode! Either model works best for this. 

Maintenance and extra features:

Buying a toothbrush and using it is not good enough if you cannot take care of it. It is very obvious that electric toothbrushes clean more effectively than the manual ones. Thus, more germs are present on the bristles of these toothbrushes than on that of a manual brush. Experts say that it is difficult to get off all the germs and bacteria present on the bristle of a highly efficient electric toothbrush by just rinsing it with water like we normally do. So then, the question arises, what can these two brands offer to keep the bristles healthy and germ free. Here, we will include various features that come along with the toothbrushes of both brands that help take good care of it. 

Oral-B: Like said earlier, one of the bigger problems is the germs that get stuck on the bristles after the cleaning process. To counter this, Oral-B offers something called the UV sanitizer. This UV sanitizer is in short a box that can fit bristle heads inside itself. The inner part of the box is carefully adjusted to have UV light inside. The UV light helps kill all the bacteria and other threats and keep the toothbrush healthy and clean for the next use. Oral-B also offers a bluetooth feature that will help you connect to your smartphone and learn more about your toothbrush. You can also adjust settings from your phone through the Oral-B app. They also offer pressure sensors in most high range models. This is a feature that is especially useful if you have sensitivity in your gums. 

Sonicare: Sonicare also offers UV sanitizers to help keep your toothbrushes bacteria-free! Bluetooth is a feature that is provided by Sonicare as well. Apart from that, a few models of Sonicare also come with a USB cable that will help you connect to your PC and charge it. This works better in case of travellers. Along with that Sonicare also comes with a glass charger. Like the name suggests, the charger is just like a glass. All you need to do is place the toothbrush in the glass and it will charge automatically. You can also use the glass to rinse your mouth. It is a very handy tool. Sonicare also comes with an automatic power off feature that helps save the battery and extend its battery life. When compared to Oral-B, Sonicare is also less noisy. It makes as little noise as possible. Sonicare also has an easy start mode that helps people get used to it faster. Pressure sensors are also offered by this brand to help keep those sensitive gums in check. 

UV sanitizer for both models come in different sizes. Each size has a different capacity of storing the amount of toothbrushes. You can have sanitizers that store upto 2 brushes or also 4. Both the brands also have LCD displays to help understand the usage better. The accessories provided by both the brands are also very helpful. 

Price Check: 

Considering all features is indeed important, however, it is the value for money that decides if the product is worth it. While it is true that they’re not entirely the same and differ in various aspects, it is a very obvious conclusion that their prices will not be the same. 

As per our research, most models of Oral-B are rather cheaper when compared to those equivalent of Sonicare models. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one is better than the other as they both offer different features as seen above. 

We suggest you make the best choice after comparing all the factors and choose the one that feels right to you. As we all already know, every person is unique and so are their choices. 


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